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2 Responses to New faceup and body blush for Elleki

  1. Patricia Tarzanick says:

    Hi Meadow,
    I fell in love with Elleki in Fair skin with that that fabulous red wig. Where did you get that fabulous wig?
    Please let me know when she goes on pre-order. Also will you have layaway plan? Who will do her face-up? I noticed that Mjusi did the one for your pictures. Elleki is the cutest girl ever. And I love your outfits as well.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Love buckets,

    • meadowdolls says:

      I will announce her preorder in time her, on FB and on Resin Cafe so I hope no miss her.
      Thank You for liking my work . It means a loot for me to know :)

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